The Demonstr8 storydoing agency
A brand activation experiential marketing agency

Demonstr8 is a Brussels based one-on-one gripping storydoing agency.
In standard marketing language, the translation reads: a communication agency, specialised in
experiential marketing. It means we love to interact with real people and real brands.
We create gripping experiences and tell stories that interact and entertain the audience on all
relevant touch points. We build our reputation and your brands on creative excellence and
excellence in execution. And remember, great stories will always be retold and shared with others!



Demonstr8 BV/SRL
Spaces Tour&Taxis, Rue Picard 7, boite 100, 1000 Bruxelles
Spaces Tour&Taxis, Picardstraat 7, bus 100, 1000 Brussel

Tel +32 2 423 23 20

We always strive to improve ourselves! If you have any feedback, comments or remarks on one of our storydoing activations or our service level, please send an e-mail to: