We are currently looking for:

Check our current internal job offers:

- Magazijnier-Magasinier

- Tappers – Leuven

We are always looking for:

Enthusiast boys & girls, ready to put the theory from the school books into practice:
You’re dynamic and you take responsibility?
On top of this you’re eager to improve your skills and want to make some good money?
You would like to represent the biggest brands at festivals, events and retail?
Than you are one of the many promotors that Demonstrate is constantly looking for!

Wanna be a D8 Promo: click: “here”, e-mail to planning@demonstr8.com or contact us via +32 2 423 23 23

General Castings for Promojobs:

Casting at our D8 offices

Casting for Dutch speaking people will be held:

The 12th of September, casting starts at 16h3O.
The 10th of October, casting starts at 16h3O.
The 7th of November, casting starts at 16h3O.

Casting for French speaking people will be held:

The 29th of August, casting starts at 14h0O.
The 24th of October, casting starts at 14h0O.

New castingdates will follow soon.
Keep an eye on our website and social media

At the casting:
- Please have your identity card, drivers licence and bank card with you.
- A casting session can take between 1 and 2 hours
- The casting session will be closed 15 min after start time.BE ON TIME!
- Parking at own expense

Address: D8 offices Tour&Taxis, groundfloor

Any questions? Call us: 02/423 23 23